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Maintenance of graves that you do not have the opportunity to visit

Did your ancestors come from the vicinity of Prague in Czechoslovakia (or Czech Republic now) in Central Europe and you do not have the opportunity to regularly visit their resting places and take care of their graves? Are you worried about how grave sites may look without maintenance? Contact me and I’ll take care of it.

Where I offer my services?

In the Czech Republic – in the capital city of Prague and its eastern surroundings (especially in the districts of Prague-East, Kolín, Kutná Hora, Nymburk and Mladá Boleslav).

Do you need my services?

I believe so. Maybe your parents’ ancestors came from the Czechoslovakia, or maybe you emigrated abroad in your youth, your loved ones have died here in the meantime and you no longer have the opportunity to come here, because it is very far for you. That’s why I’m here. I will take care of the graves of your ancestors and loved ones and you will live up to your duties and respect for them. I will photograph all the work for you.

How can I help you?

I offer regular cleaning of grave sites and renewal of mourning decorations during the year, ie:

  • removal of infested dirt and leaves from the tombstone,
  • gentle cleaning of the tombstone,
  • removal of old decorations,
  • installation of new decorations, lighting candles, etc.

I can perform a one-time maintenance of the grave, or we can arrange regular maintenance of the grave several times a year. More information about my services

Why address me?

Above all, I offer a personal, decent and honest approach. I like to visit cemeteries – I have been involved in family genealogy for several years (searching for ancient ancestors and creating a family tree), so I am aware of the importance of ancestral heritage and its dignified preservation for the future.

About me

In the past I worked as a proofreader in a book publishing house, now I am an occasional photographer, copywriter and webmaster who likes to leave the computer and also does something meaningful and useful.

Are you interested in my services? Do not hesitate to contact me.